Boiler repairs in Harwich & Dovercourt

Offering our boiler repair service in Harwich & Dovercourt

Faulty boiler? Please call our qualified engineers today on 01255 714007.

Our boiler repair service

Here at Harwich & Dovercourt Boiler Services, we strongly believe that boilers can be fixed before they need to be replaced. If your boiler has broken down or is on the verge of a breakdown, our engineers are on hand to make a speedy diagnosis and quick repair. We carry spare parts in our van so can likely fix your boiler on the same day, but if we have to order parts in, we'll do our absolute best to make sure you're comfortable whilst we wait and then we'll arrange a time around you to quickly repair your faulty boiler. 

As we are Gas Safe registered, we are legally able to repair faulty gas boilers. Please ensure that you check the gas credentials of every gas engineer that enters your home. Failure to do so could put your home at huge risk! 

Signs of a faulty boiler... 

It's important to be able to spot when a boiler is on the verge of a breakdown so you know when to call out our engineers in Harwich & Dovercourt. Here are some things to look out for... 

  • Cold radiators, a lack of warm water and a lack of heating are all fairly obvious signs that your boiler might be due a repair 
  • Boilers due a repair will make strange noises, ranging from loud bangs to gurgling and screeching noises 
  • Boilers on the verge of breaking will lost water pressure 
  • Faulty boilers will automatically switch off, perhaps a sign that you have a faulty thermostat on your hands. 

If you have noticed any of the above signs or anything else, please do not hesitate to get in touch!

Get in touch with our engineers for a boiler repair in Harwich & Dovercourt 

To get in touch with our gas engineers for an emergency boiler repair, please call us today on 01255 714007 or 07544 395677 and we'll be with you ASAP. Alternatively, if it's a non-emergency or you're concerned about something else, fill in our contact form

Either way, please jot down our number so you've always got a gas engineer in Harwich & Dovercourt to rely on. 

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