Top tips for buying a new boiler

Thinking of getting a new boiler? If so, you probably haven't been browsing the boiler market for quite some time and, trust us, a lot has changed! Boiler technology has improved no end and there are so many more brands and manufacturers for you to sort through when finding a new model. While these are both great things long term, it can make finding the right boiler an overwhelming task! Keep reading to find out our top tips for buying your new boiler, to make sure you make the right ch...

Why is my boiler so noisy?

A noisy boiler can be caused by a range of different things, so you should try and diagnose the problem as best as you can. While a gas engineer will be happy to do this for you, it can give you peace of mind to find the cause of the problem for yourself. The following list indicates the sound your boiler is making, followed by why.

Thawing a frozen pipe

If your pipes freeze, you need to know what to do to thaw them out effectively. We offer boiler and heating services across Harwich and Dovercourt.


Benefits of Powerflushing

Is your central heating system not working as well as it used to? It could be time for a powerflush. We offer our power flushing service across Harwich and Dovercourt.