When Do You Need to Service Your Boiler?

Servicing your boiler is important for ensuring the safety of your home and loved ones, but when is the right time to get your boiler serviced? And how often should it be done? We have answered all of your top questions about servicing your boiler...

Do I need to service my boiler every year?

Yes. Servicing your boiler annually allows enough time to spot any problems before they worsen, but it also allows enough time to ensure that you're not wasting money on unnecessary checks of your boiler. Not to forget, annual boiler servicing is also required to keep most warranties/guarantees valid for another year, as well as some home insurances, so it really is worth it!

Should I get my boiler serviced in my new home?

Yes. You should service your boiler as soon as you can in your new home. You don't always now when a boiler was last services, so it is a good idea to sort it out for yourself. This will ensure that there are no unwanted problems in your new home and you can have peace of mind knowing you are safe and sound.

When is the best time of year to service my boiler?

The best time to get your boiler serviced is in the summer months, ideally between June and August. Not only is this when gas engineers are least busy, it is also the best time to find any problems whilst the boiler is at its least active. There is nothing worse than going to switch on your boiler in the winter months and finding out it isn't working, so get the problems found out and fixed as early as you can.

Should I service my boiler if it isn't working as well as it used to?

If your boiler seems to be inefficient lately, you should definitely consider getting it serviced. Even if it was serviced less than a year ago, it's still the best way o keep it in shape. An inefficient boiler is wasting you money and costing you too much, so you should get it working again as soon as you can.

Should I service my boiler even when it is working as normal?

Yes, 100%! You should never wait for your boiler to breakdown before you get it serviced. It may seem like a waste to spend money on a perfectly well functioning boiler, but most problems start out small and may be undetectable from the surface. Needing to pay for a big repair will cost a lot more than an annual boiler service, so don't wait until it's too late.

Need a boiler service in Harwich or Dovercourt?

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