Top tips for buying a new boiler

Thinking of getting a new boiler? If so, you probably haven't been browsing the boiler market for quite some time and, trust us, a lot has changed! Boiler technology has improved no end and there are so many more brands and manufacturers for you to sort through when finding a new model. While these are both great things long term, it can make finding the right boiler an overwhelming task! Keep reading to find out our top tips for buying your new boiler, to make sure you make the right choice!

1. Big name brands are worth the extra cost

Like we mentioned, there are now so many different boiler manufacturers to choose from. While some you may have heard of (such as Baxi, Worcester Bosch and Ideal), there will be many smaller companies that are relatively unknown. Firstly, we recommend you always check the online customer reviews for any boiler manufacturer you consider. These will give honest feedback for the boiler, as well as share any good/bad points they have found. Secondly, we know that big name brands are usually more expensive but the extra money is worth it! With a higher price comes higher quality and reliability.

2. Don't let your gas engineer sway you

Once you are sure on the manufacturer that best suits your needs, you need to make sure you stick to it! Some gas engineers are given incentives by manufacturers when they install their boilers, so may try and steer you in another direction. Your research will always be better than a biased opinion, so never go forward with a deal you aren't comfortable with. 

3. Choose the right model, as well as manufacturer

The type of boiler you go for is just as important as the manufacturer, so you need to be sure on this decision too. All new boilers will be much more efficient than your previous model, but you should still make sure your new boiler is A Rated for efficiency. For larger homes, system or conventional boilers are ideal, as they can meet high demand for water thanks to their separate water tank. For smaller homes with low demand, a combi boiler is the best and most efficient option. 

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