Benefits of Installing a New Boiler in Your Home

Installing a brand new boiler is a huge investment into your home, but what are the benefits? Why should you replace your old boiler with a brand new one? We've discussed some of the reasons below...

New boilers are energy efficient

If you haven't replaced your boiler for the last decade or so, you likely have an old non-condensing boiler installed. 

Non condensing boilers waste energy by allowing hot gases generated by the boiler to escape through the flue, whereas condensing boilers capture heat from these gases and subsequently return it to the central heating system. All modern boilers are condensing boilers, so if you're thinking of replacing your old boiler with a new one, you can look forward to all of the efficiency savings that come with it. 

New boiler? New warranty/guarantee

Almost all new boilers come with a new warranty/guarantee that covers you for the costs of parts and labour in the event of a breakdown. 

The terms of the warranty/guarantee depend on the manufacturer, the boiler and the installer, but it's definitely worth mentioning when looking to replace your old boiler. For example, we can offer a 10-Year warranty on select Baxi boilers that we install, which means a whole decade of protection from breakdowns! 

It is worth mentioning however, that to maintain an extended warranty/guarantee, most boiler manufacturers state that the boiler must be serviced on an annual basis. There are benefits to boiler servicing too... 

New boilers are smaller and quieter

New boilers are smaller and quieter than their predecessors. 

Due to being smaller in size, you can hide your boiler in a kitchen cupboard or in the utility room and give yourself some much needed space! Likewise, if you've ever experienced trying to sleep with a boiler on the other side of a bedroom wall, then you'll know exactly why installing a quieter boiler is a great benefit for your home.

Avoid expensive repairs with a new boiler

Leading on from the previous mention of extended warranties and guarantees, having an old boiler means that finding parts for a boiler repair can difficult at best. The whole scenario of having an engineer repair your old boiler can be very expensive and if you consider the long-term pros and cons, it may just be better to install a brand new boiler; one you know the parts for are easy to source and is covered by an extended warranty/guarantee. 

Considering installing a new boiler in your home in Harwich or Dovercourt? 

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