A Handy Guide to Landlord Certificates

Gas safety checks aren't exclusive to landlords of residential properties. Gas safety checks are also required for landlords of bed and breakfasts, pubs, restaurants, hotels and anything else of the like. Here's what else you need to know about gas safety checks for landlords...

All gas appliances must be checked

All gas appliances supplied by you must be checked every year, including the fittings and pipework. This doesn’t just mean the boiler, it also includes ovens, stoves and fires. Each gas appliance must be tested to check that they are safe for use and do not pose any risk to the tenants inside. 

Gas safety checks are similar to annual boiler services in the sense that the boiler is checked for safety and efficiency and is there to protect your best interests. 

Record of the gas safety certificate

Once we have fully inspected a property's gas appliances and pipework, the landlord will be presented with their gas safety certificate. The gas safety certificate proves to authorities that your appliances are working correctly and also shows that your tenants are safe. 

You must keep a hold of your landlord certificates for two years after its initial issue. Additionally, new tenants must be shown the relevant certificates when they arrive (another reason why you should always retain your certificates) and existing tenants must be shown them within 28 days of the gas safety checks being carried out.

Smoke and carbon monoxide alarms

Carbon monoxide alarms are required on any floors where solid fuel is burnt (coal, wood, etc.) and smoke alarms must be fitted on every floor too. As a landlord, you should check these alarms are fitted and are working correctly. This ensures that your tenants are always safe. With no scent or colour, carbon monoxide is a deadly gas that gets to work with no symptoms, so many people don’t find out until it’s too late.

Tenant responsibilities

You are only required to have gas appliances supplied by you annually checked. However, it might be a good idea to service appliances brought by the tenant to protect the rest of the house. 

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