Gas Safety Certificates in Harwich & Dovercourt

Carrying out gas safety checks in Harwich & Dovercourt

If you're looking for a gas engineer in Harwich & Dovercourt to renew your gas safety certificates, please call us on 01255 714007 and we'll arrange a time to come out and check your rented property(s) gas appliances.

Landlord gas safety certificates

If you're a landlord renting out property, it's important that you ensure the gas appliances have been checked at least once over the last 12 months. As a Gas Safe registered company, we can legally undertake gas safety checks and are more than happy to help you renew your gas safety certificates.

What appliances need to be checked?

Lots of people believe only the boiler needs to be checked in order for us to issue you with your gas safety certificate. However, this is not the case. Any gas appliance provided by you needs to be checked, where this may include gas fires, cookers and stoves, as well as the boiler.

Who needs a gas safety certificate?

All landlords are required to have gas safety certificates, but not just landlords of normal living accommodation. The law also applies to restaurants, hotels, B&Bs and the like. Anywhere you are responsible for the safety of your customers, you should have gas safety certificates to save you from any legal issues if gas problems arise.

What is included in a gas safety certificate?

  • Our details, as proof of credibility
  • Details and descriptions of all appliances checked
  • The date the check was carried out
  • The name and address of the landlord
  • The address of the property being checked
  • Details of any safety issues found and measures being taken to rectify it

Need your gas safety certificates renewed in Harwich or Dovercourt?

We renew gas safety certificates in Harwich and Dovercourt. For more information, or to arrange a time that suits you, give us a call on 01255 71400707544 395677, check out the contact form on our website, or email us at We hope to hear from you soon.

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